If you are looking for mulch, you may be wondering: Does home depot sell Nutri-mulch? It is a popular brand of organic mulch and it is available at many home improvement stores. It is also available in the form of compost. In addition to selling organic mulch, this company also offers a variety of landscaping materials and construction goods, including railroad ties and concrete barriers.


Nutri-mulch is a great way to fertilize your lawn or garden. This organic material gives your plants an abundance of nutrients and is pH neutral, which is beneficial to a wide variety of plants, including ornamentals and lawn turf. The addition of Nutri-mulch to your lawn will also improve the appearance of your yard.

It contains 2.5% nitrogen, 4.4% phosphates, 1.9% potash, and 6.4% calcium. This compost contains no filler products, so you don’t have to worry about over-fertilizing your lawn. In addition, Nutri-mulch doesn’t contain any peat moss, straw, or dirt.

Earthgro by Scotts Brown Mulch

You can save money on mulch this spring by buying Scotts Earthgro Mulch on sale at Home Depot. You can get two cubic-foot bags for just $2. This mulch is available in black, brown, and red. It maintains color throughout the year and can be used in landscaping projects. You can even get free pickup at your local Home Depot! The discount is valid until 5/1.

The Earthgro by Scotts Mulch on sale at Home Depot is made with the Scotts Color Advantage, which will keep your yard colored throughout the entire year. It is also made from forest products, which help conserve soil moisture and moderate soil temperature. It also helps keep weeds at bay naturally. This mulch is applied at a depth of 3 inches and blocks out sunlight. For best results, turn your mulch every three to four months.

If you want to save money on mulch, consider buying in bulk. At Home Depot, you can purchase up to 25 cubic yards at a time. The price of this mulch will depend on how much you’re going to use. If you buy in bulk, you can save about 50 percent.

Scotts Earthgro mulch is normally sold in 1.5 cubic-foot bags. It’s available in several colors, including red, brown, and black. The color of the mulch will tell you the type of wood it’s made from. For instance, black mulch is usually derived from hardwood, while brown or red is made from softwood. You can also find Earthgro by Scotts Brown Mulch at Lowe’s for $3.68 per cubic foot, which is 38% cheaper than its regular price.

Nutri-mulch compost

Nutri-mulch is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Its custom blend of turkey manure, organics, and wood mulch produces a rich buffet of nutrients that are vital for healthy growth of plants. Its slightly acidic pH balance enables it to support the growth of many types of plants, including ornamentals, trees, and shrubs. It can also be used to improve the condition of lawns and sports turf.

Nutri-mulch has been in business since 1999 and has expanded its business in states such as Colorado and Idaho. The company collects raw product from turkey farmers all year long and composts it through a natural process using aerobic bacteria. The product is then ready to be used in your garden or landscaping project.

Many supply yards sell both compost and mulch. But the quality of these products varies. Often, the compost is not the most effective mulch, because the material doesn’t retain enough nutrients to suppress weed growth. But the best compost is fine-textured and rich in nutrients. It also works well with vegetable gardens.

Wood chips and bark are another option for mulching. They contain more plant nutrients and improve the soil. While wood chips require reapplication every so often, they provide great weed suppression and water conservation. They are also available in many different colors. These mulches are an excellent way to improve the health of your plants.

Nutri-mulch at home depot

If you want to give your lawn and garden the best possible start, consider adding some Nutri-mulch to your soil. This versatile compost blend is rich in nutrients and keeps the pH level of your soil slightly acidic. This is an advantage compared to standard garden soil, which is typically quite alkaline. The compost also provides excellent growing conditions for most types of ornamental and lawn plants, including many types of trees.

This compost consists of 2.5% nitrogen, 4.4% phosphates, 1.9% potash, and 6.4% calcium. It contains no filler materials or salt and is ready to use after eight months. Unlike other types of compost, Nutri-mulch contains no dirt, straw, or peat moss, which can degrade the quality of the soil.