Mulch is an important part of maintaining your lawn and garden. It not only prevents weeds from growing, it also helps your lawn retain moisture. This beautiful material also covers the soil, blocking the sun, and helps your lawn stay beautiful year round. If you’re considering adding mulch to your lawn or garden, consider adding three inches of Colorstay by Scotts.

Colorstay by Scotts

Colorstay by Scotts Mulch is a natural recovered forest product with a unique technology that prevents weeds. It also helps moderate soil temperature and conserves moisture. Plus, it blocks sunlight for a lush green lawn that lasts throughout the year. You can purchase it in two-cubic-foot bags for your garden or lawn.

Earthgro by Scotts Mulch has a great smell that will leave your landscape beds smelling fresh and beautiful. The mulch also looks great and adds color to fading landscape beds. It also uses Scotts Color to give a color-long guarantee. This mulch is also easy to apply and will give your yard a fresh look.

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Availability of Colorstay by Scotts

If you want a beautiful landscape for your garden, you should consider investing in some Colorstay by Scotts Brown Mulch. This product is made with Scotts ColorLast technology to provide long-lasting color and prevent weed growth. It also helps to regulate soil temperature and conserve moisture. The product is available in 2-cubic-foot bags. This mulch can be used in gardens and homes to improve the look and feel of them.