Do you want to know about Edgewood Landscaping, first you need to know that Edgewood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Baltimore. Along with some of its historic buildings, it also has a variety of diverse topography and plant life that make it an ideal place for landscaping design. The detail guys are best known for their landscape design services in Edgewood. They help homeowners achieve the perfect lawn by using all-natural products and utilizing eco-friendly methods to ensure that no chemicals will be used on your property.

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Landscaping is a best way to transform your garden into a safe and comfortable environment that you can enjoy. Edgewood landscape design with the detail guys ensures that your property will be protected against erosion, landslides, poor drainage in addition to helping retain soil moisture throughout the year.

Not only that your home value will increase but you will get the chance to enjoy a healthier more eco-friendly environment. Edgewood Landscaping involves mulch, sand, stone and gravel with the purpose of adding visual beauty to your yard.

Not only will our team help you choose an appropriate landscape design but they can also provide plant material that fits into your budget while still giving you a stunning garden. With all this in mind landscaping is something that should be taken seriously especially when it comes to projects with Edgewood Baltimore landscape design by detail guys.

If you want to find out latest landscaping designs then contact our team of experts at the detail guys. The landscape design has been made to make your yard look beautiful and it all starts with a call to us right away!

Do not hesitate any longer but contact detail guys today for more information about how we can transform your home into something special that you will be proud of. We provide free estimates so do not worry if budget is an issue because there are ways around this without compromising on beauty, quality or service.

No matter if you are looking for Edgewood residential landscaping or Edgewood commercial landscaping , we are the experts that you want to call.

Residential Edgewood Landscaping Design

Landscape design

If you own a home in Edgewood, you probably already know that the exterior needs to be inviting and it should make people want to come inside. Most of all residential landscaping designs enable the owners to use their lawn again .

We can help you with all of your landscaping needs. We have the design knowledge and the workers to get it done in a timely manner while also maintaining a high quality service.

There are many unique Edgewood Landscaping ideas which you can pick from. We have many options available including outdoor kitchens and fire places as well as patios, walkways, water features and more!

If you have a garden, we have the landscape design options. You can also pick from a variety of plants and trees to best suit your style. We are determined to be the number one landscaper in Edgewood Baltimore!

If landscaping is not done properly, it can cause serious problems [1].

Edgewood Landscaping is about more than just the aesthetic qualities of your yard; it’s also what keeps structural damage at bay and ensures that you have a healthy lawn to enjoy for years.

Our Edgewood Baltimore landscapers will ensure that all plants are fully rooted in soil before they’re installed, so even if there are some tough times ahead, your landscape design won’t be uprooted along with them. Contact us now!

To make your landscape amazing we do

  • Mulching
  • Hardscaping
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Edging
  • Lighting
  • Sodding and Seeding of your lawn
  • Edgewood Landscaping

Edgewood Landscaping is a great way to transform the exterior of your home, but it can also contribute significantly to its interior aesthetic appeal as well! By adding some funky planters or lighting elements, you can make any outdoor space lush as you always dreamed!

You may have seen pictures of beautiful homes and you may wonder, how do they get the grass to look so green? The answer is simple they might have done landscaping to their home.

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If you look at before and after of our work to know what you can get or expect from the Detail Guys landscaping. we are in this business for more than a decade and what we deliver is always better than the expectation of our clients.

Commercial Edgewood Landscaping Design

Commercial landscaping design

If you own or manage businesses, there is no reason not to beautify them using commercial landscape designs . These days more people are looking at how nice an area looks before they choose where to go for lunch or do some shopping on their breaks from work. Having well-manicured outdoor areas that look inviting will bring customers into your business which means greater profits for everyone involved!

No matter what kind of property you have we want to come out and take a look at it so that we could present you the best and unique Edgewood Landscaping ideas for your property.

Edgewood Maryland commercial landscaping is a great medium for making your property look more attractive and inviting. For this reason, we have been offering commercial landscape designs to companies in Edgewood for years now. We are the best at what we do because our designers know how to create concepts that will be perfect for any business from restaurants on down!

Commercial Edgewood Landscaping Ideas

We can present you with many different ideas for commercial landscaping in Edgewood.

Our designs are unique and they will make your property stand out from all of the properties around you. Many companies want their businesses to be noticed, but with our help that can happen! We know how important it is to have a good first impression when someone stops by your location so we work hard on every project that comes into our office no matter if it’s small or large scale.

No one wants just an average landscape design; everyone wants something special because after all this isn’t just about any business – it’s yours!

Of course, not only do we offer concepts for commercial landscapes in Edgewood , but also residential landscapes as well.

No matter what type or scale of landscaping you need, the design team at Edgewood Landscape Builders Inc has it all and we’d love to help make your landscape dreams come true! With over 10 years in Edgewood Landscaping, we know how important it is for our clients to be happy with the work that’s done on their property – this is why we take every project personally and do everything possible to ensure complete satisfaction from start to finish.

Our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed; thanks to our dedicated employees who always give 110% effort into creating landscapes that people can enjoy for years after they’ve been installed because no one wants something cheap looking right outside their door.

Our years of experience mean that we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Edgewood Landscaping, so if you’re confused about where to start don’t worry – we’ve got everything covered for your vision. That means no matter whether you need a complete makeover or simply some help with gardening, our team will be able to help out. And because all of our projects come fully guaranteed, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing us as your favourite landscapers!

You can read the reviews to know more about us, or if you’d like to get a quote for your project then please call our number today.

Landscaping Edgewood Landscaping Ideas

Landscape design ideas

There are many landscaping design ideas that you can try at your home. One of the most efficient landscaping design ideas is to create a nice backyard by planting some trees and flowers, creating an outdoor bar or porch where you can spend time with your family in evenings or in the morning. The interior side of the house should also be decorated properly so that it does not look gloomy when guests come for dinner parties.

You may want to arrange seating outside on beautiful stone patio areas which are comfortable even during extreme summers without creating any problems like cracks due to excess heat exposure under summer sun rays. You will need to hire professionals who have years of experience providing excellent landscaping services in Edgewood Baltimore area.

There are many landscaping design ideas that you can look up some of them are

  • Waterfall Landscape
  • Tropical Landscape,
  • Mid century modern landscape
  • Pool landscape ideas
  • And Many More

There are many designs but they depend on your choice, home location and your lifestyle.

The best landscape designers in Edgewood Baltimore area will take the ideas of clients into account along with their own professional experience to provide a unique design that suits well for residents of Edgewood, Maryland. You can also look up some great landscaping designs online as there are many websites available where you can find stunning pictures which may give you an idea about how it would be beneficial if such types of landscapes were designed at your place by professionals.

Edgewood Landscaping Installation

When you choose a particular landscaping design idea then its time for landscape installation . Edgewood landscaping companies are highly experienced in this regard and they have team of experts who can perform the task very effectively. They will work according to your needs while installing designs for you so that it may provide an amazing look which is worth appreciating by others.

Edgewood Landscaping Maintenance

Finally, there is also a need of landscape maintenance but many homeowners feel trouble when it comes to hiring professionals for maintaining their landscapes on regular basis because not all people know about how much service should be provided and over what time duration?

The detail guys provides free landscape quotes so that you will know how much maintenance will cost or how much new landscaping design will cost.

If you are in Edgewood Baltimore then you can type landscape services near me or landscape companies near me to pull up the detail guys or you can call them at (443)-756-4001.

The detail guys md can do summer landscaping as well as winter landscaping so there is no landscaping type that is not known to the detail guys.

Edgewood Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping rocks

Many types of rocks are involved in landscaping and these landscaping rocks are mostly used in flower bed design. Some of the most popular types include limestone rocks, lava rock and granite stones. These allow for flowers to grow in between them so they are not directly on top of each other which allows more room for growth.

Landscaping rocks enhances the beauty of the garden by adding a touch of color to it.

Rock gardens are another type of landscaping rocks that make you feel like you are in nature even when inside your house or office. They can also be used for decorative purposes along with other items such as statues, benches and more for an outdoor area where there is no grass but instead these types of plants.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks is also used in Edgewood Landscaping . They are extremely durable and will not wear down or get damaged easily. These rocks can also be found in a variety of colors such as red, orange, black, browns and blue to name a few.

Lava rock is very versatile which means that it can be used for many different purposes including driveways because they do not break under the pressure from the tires of cars driving over them. It can also add protection to flowerbeds where people walk along frequently by preventing mud from splashing onto other plants while walking above them on paths leading through your garden.

Rock Ground Covers

Rock Ground Cover landscaping rocks includes decorative gravel, river rocks and beach pebbles. This makes it the perfect choice for any home owner that wants their property to look like a natural haven!

Rock Ground Cover landscaping rock is great for covering large areas or it is great for adding color and texture in planter beds. For example, you can use one cubic yard (or 8 square feet) of 1″ deep cover at 160 sq ft with a 2 inch layer on top if it’s desired that way!

Rock Ground Cover landscaping rocks can be used indoors or outdoors and it is a popular choice for people looking to landscape their yard.

Rubble Stones

Rubble Stone can be a great landscaping stone they are usually medium sized, angular natural stones and can be between 4″ and 12″ in size. These rocks can make up for the perfect landscape design project! The best thing about these stones is that, they low cost per square foot when purchasing more than one ton- we can provide enough material on hand so that you can build an entire yard. For those looking gather some Rubbiestones quickly before they’re gone forever? We recommend buying 1/2/3 tons instead since these quantities will cover 25–35 sq ft respectively depending upon what type(s) best suit your needs; expect about 150 lbs per tile or 11kg (24 pounds).


Flagstone is available in various thicknesses and can be purchased by the pound. Flagstones come from a variety of different types, like quartzite or slate with sand as well for good measure! It’s perfect to use on patios or walkways where you want something durable but still very stylish looking too – coverage will vary depending on how many stones there are between each other when installing them though so make sure not only do I know what kind am using (size-wise) but also their spacing before setting anything out into our garden.


For those who want large stones as ground cover, boulders are the perfect option! These larger pieces of rock have many uses around your home from creating borders between property lines to accenting flower beds. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to choosing landscape materials so make sure you know exactly what you need before going out and purchasing them.

Polished Pebbles

Polished Pebble landscaping rocks can be perfect for adding a clean and unique look to any landscape area, planter boxes or between stepping stones. Polished pebbles are smooth round natural decorative pebbles and they have unmatched shine that will make your garden stand out from others! They can come in sizes ranging 1/2″ – 2″. From this you will be covering 5 sq ft with just one 44 pound bag (which is enough material for 10-15 linear feet).

Cobble Stones

You can create natural stone features such as dry stream beds, ponds or waterfalls with Cobble Stone landscaping rocks. These medium sized round stones come in 3″ – 12″ sizes and weigh between 1/2-1 ton per cubic yard (25 to 35 square feet). The material has many uses for landscapes but is perfect when accenting youryard by adding accents like steppingstones along walkways that have been covered over!

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The detail guys can provide you with all kind of landscaping designs including plantings, mulching, aeration & overseeding services near Edgewood Baltimore or landscape maintenance md near me or lawn care companies maryland near me like the detail guys. So if you love your yard then call (443)-756-4001 now!

if you are typing lawn renovation near me then make sure you are typing the detail guys not some lawn care companies near me.

The best landscapers in Edgewood Baltimore is none other than The Detail Guys they provide many services like lawn renovation, grass cutting & more! Call (443)-756-4001 to learn about all of these different types of services that they offer now!

Edgewood Landscaping Mulching

Mulching is a very important landscaping tool. The mulching process allows you to prevent weeds from growing and it also helps your lawn stay hydrated. If you don’t have any mulch in your Edgewood Baltimore landscape then we recommend that you get some ASAP!

Mulching makes the exterior of your home look great but what most people do not realize is that this simple landscaping tip can save them about 50% on their water bill! Not only will it make sure that your grass stays hydrated, but if the soil underneath starts to dry up because of hot temperatures or drought like conditions, shrubbery can be damaged without mulch around them.

There are many types of mulch that you can have and if you want to know what is mulch and types of mulch then you can click here.

Difference Between Hardscape and Edgewood Landscaping

hardscape & Edgewood Landscaping

Edgewood Hardscape and landscape are both related to the outdoors but they’re not one in the same. Landscaping projects provide an enduring, fascinating look for your yard while hardscape is what you see when someone looks out their window on our street; these include things like paths or patios with edging stones along side them – think about how beautiful this type of landscaping would be!

But before starting any project it’s important that we know which category something falls under so let me break down some terminology: Hard-Surface Installer/Designers can usually install either “hard” additions such as driveways (which may require quarry rock) OR soft ones like mulch, which requires no sub-base before installation.

Edgewood Landscaping Designers are usually familiar with just how much work is required to install a certain type of hardscaping services – this includes plans for the placement of edging tiles or other materials that one might choose as well as any pumps or electrical requirements that go into it. So why wouldn’t you want someone who specializes in both? And if I’m being really honest here – landscapers have become more “design” oriented lately so they’re great at coming up with ideas and even drawing them out for clients! This can be very helpful when trying to visualize what your finished product will look like since we aren’t always able to come outside and see exactly where things should be placed.

Hardscape Vs Softscape

Soft and hardscape are both vital in creating a relaxing environment. Hardscapes offer the stability that’s needed for your home while still providing its design elements like decks, pools or patios with flowers around them to create beauty as well as function from their durable surfaces such brickwork walls which can be used on private walkways between homes without being an eyesore because it has no grass next too them; these same materials may also go into making decorative patterns within gardens if you have one!

Softscapes often surround areas containing harder structures but they’re more than just background decoration – soft-stone paths would feel good underfoot when walking through lush lawns during hot weather whereas compacted dirt might lead us towards shady corners borderedy by hedges in the hotter months and soft-scaping can work well in both winter and summer, with evergreens providing much needed shade during the warmer seasons while also keeping a home’s foundations free from snow damage when cold weather strikes.

Job of Edgewood Hardscaper

A hardscape is essential for any home. A patio or driveway, especially if it’s in the sun all day long and gets wet from rainstorms every so often. Windowsills can rot due to Solution Tree water damage on an exterior wall plus other factors that cause wood decay which will lead you down a path of expensive repairs! And even though we may take our outdoor spaces for granted sometimes-there are many benefits associated with having good quality landscaping (patios provide extra seating space where family members enjoy downtime together while talking over plans); flower beds bring beauty into one’s life through vibrant flowers year round; etcetera).

Edgewood Landscaping With Hardscape

The entire landscape of your home should be considered before settling on hardscape installation. Hardscapes can make up the majority, if not all, space in an area and do so much more than just look beautiful; understanding their impact is vital to giving you peace-of-mind as well! It’s important that whole sections are designed beforehand so they will feel cohesive when completed later down the line. And don’t forget about how we want our yards structured with different features like lawn versus flowerbeds — each has its own structural integrity which needs protection from certain materials such as concrete or even wood chips used forrived ground coverings.


Designing your outdoor living space should be an experience you enjoy. After all, it’s not just a place for entertaining or relaxing; the right patio and pool deck can provide a focal point in any landscape design that will assist surrounding architecture without feeling too overpowering. To draft such projects consider hardscape first (focal points), then branch out with innovations as needed – because sometimes atmosphere won’t become apparent until total selections have been made! Consideration must also be given to how different surfaces reflect light at various times during day-light hours when choosing among them: some materials glow more brightly than others which changes their appearance quite dramatically over time depending on whether there has recently been rainfall etcetera . So too, the color schemes of planting beds are very important to consider – even if they have been designed in line with previous horticultural trends. The reason for this is that gardens change over time just as their owners’ tastes do!

You deserve all the best, and you can have it. Your space is just as deserving of consideration- even if there are no boundaries that restrict what type or style landscape design would work for your property! As time goes on and new opportunities arise within our current living environment (such as evolving needs), don’t be afraid to explore different options when creating a beautiful outdoor oasis from scratch; many hardscape projects evolve over years too.

Edgewood Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

If you own a small front yard , you have to be creative with your landscaping ideas- especially if it’s a boring blank slate. The detail guys md work closely with you to make the most of your space, whether it’s a small front yard or large backyard.

You can enhance the beauty of your front yard if you have a landscape design with low-maintenance plants and flowers as well as adding some unique features.

Here are some landscaping ideas for your front yards:

Use native trees that grow slowly to reduce the amount of pruning needed over time . You can use evergreen or deciduous trees depending on what fits best in the climate you live in, but make sure they provide shade during hot weather.

Add hardscape elements such as natural stone or pavers laid out in various patterns (such as herringbone) throughout your yard visual appeal.

You can have The detail guys over for a free quote to know what they can do for your yard.

Patio Edgewood Landscaping MD

Patio Landscape Design

The outdoors is a great place to spend time. With time patios are becoming larger and luxurious than ever before, as they become hubs of activity geared towards entertaining or relaxing in style with friends!

A well-designed patio can not only add additional living space for you at home but it also increases its resale value because people want their homes on the market now than ever before.

A patio is a great place to spend time with friends and family. A well-designed outdoor space provides the foundation for your home’s exterior design, so it needs to be durable as well attractive! The type of paving material you choose will depend on features like size or shape that are important in this area – don’t forget about landscape designers when looking at these issues too (they know all!).

The Detail guys md knows unique patio landscape designs are the best way to make your Edgewood home stand out. Patios can enhance your landscape beauty for sure but it needs to be done properly otherwise it could destroy the charm of your home.

Build Outdoor Waterfalls For You landscape

The journey to build your dream waterfall starts with the two structures: pool and cascading structure. The latter is often more difficult but you can learn how it’s done in an easy way by using rock which most homeowners already have at home (or easily find elsewhere). Once these are set up, pump water from deep within a pond towards top of stream where it falls back down again for recirculation before crashing against rocks below!

So, if you want to make a beautiful waterfall, you need to get the best pool and cascading structures.

Outdoor waterfalls are a great way to add some extra flair and interest. It is important that you consider how high the waterfall will be for your project before choosing an area, as it can get expensive if not done right!

A flexible liner (made out of plastic) should go between any piping used in order keep everything dry when lining up against each other which makes construction much easier on site by preventing dirt from getting into places where there shouldn’t normally have been anything put down at all like chairs or furniture underneath them etcetera.

Waterfalls are great for those who need something unique done as far as landscaping goes – everyone from your average homeowner to big-time commercial companies can find a use for water features in their yard! If you want a beautiful pond with fountains but don’t know how deep to make it, consider the detail guys md.

You’ll never have to worry about the acoustics of your garden again with an outdoor waterfall. You don’t need a large space or expensive materials, and they are easy to install! If you’re looking for something onsite at home instead- try precast concrete forms that mimic stone: compact & affordable; natural rock is always free (or just cover it up).

If you’re looking to create waterfalls in your backyard without the hassle of a true waterfall, try making one with clay pots and fountains. All that’s needed are pumps from major hardware stores for this project!

It’s important to have rocks that are both small and large, flat or irregularly shaped. You’ll want a variety of sizes when building your drywall pond because it is easier for the flooring beneath them if you have some larger rock pieces as well! Make sure they all fit together tightly so there aren’t any gaps between each individual stone in order to minimize air leaks during installation. Once everything has been placed carefully onto site using level indicators like plumb Bobbies along with carpenter’s levels (which come handy later), fill sand into any cracks between stones until fully compacted – this will create adjustable rigid plastic liner ponds since water doesn’t flow through sand.

In addition to creating a waterfall there are other many ideas that you can try out.

What Is Retaining Walls Landscaping?

Retaining walls landscaping is placing stone or concrete structures that are placed at the edge of a slope. The purpose is to prevent soil erosion, and it also gives you more space for planting flowers around your yard.

Retaining walls landscaping isn’t just good looking but has many advantages other than beauty like making water flow in proper direction which helps plants grow faster. This can be done with rocks as well if they are put properly so there aren’t any gaps between each individual stone in order to minimize air leaks during installation.

Retaining walls landscaping is perfect for steep hillsides, but it’s also good idea to use them in flat areas because they help with water drainage.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is still another type of landscaping that adds beauty and safety to your home environment. It creates a romantic ambiance at night by providing soft illumination on specific parts of the house or yard while you are outside relaxing after dark.

There are many different types of outdoor landscape lighting available today that will meet anyone needs due to its flexibility when placed around trees, shrubs or flowers to highlight or enhance their appearance during the nighttime. Landscaping lights can be wired permanently into position which makes installation easier if you have an existing system already in place but there are other options as well including solar powered.

Clean Up Flower Beds

Your landscape would not be looking its best if your flower beds were untidy. Nothing is more important than keeping this part of your landscaping well-maintained and weed free.

There are a number of ways to clean up the look of overgrown or out-of-control flower beds but one way that works for most homeowners would be to use some type of edger tool which basically makes straight cuts along tightly defined borders in order to make them appear neater, cleaner and tidier with each pass you take while moving slowly forward across an area until it creates the desired effect on both sides at once.

You can apply different techniques or you can ask experienced professionals to help you out as well. We are in this business for a long time now and we are proud of what it is that we do for our clients who always come back to us with their friends.

The success of our company can easily be seen in our reviews and it is something that we are proud of.


Conclusion paragraph: We know that landscaping design is a personal decision and there are several ways to achieve the desired look. That’s why we offer custom landscape services designed specifically with your needs in mind. Whether you want hardscaping services, mulching service or any other type of landscaping tool installed on your property, The Detail Guys MD will make it happen for you! Let us know what kind of service you need today by contacting our team at (443)-756-4001. Would love to hear from you soon!

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