Heat reflective house paint is not your average house paint. Just as name suggest heat reflective house paint comes with heat reflective qualities. These qualities improve the buildings overall insulation. And adds eco-friendly properties to your house. Heat Reflective house paint are usually available in light and soft colours.

The reason why Heat Reflective house paint are available in light colours is that these light and soft colours reflect 80% of solar radiation. One can make the Heat Reflective house paint more efficient by adding tiny spheres, or adding materials like glitter into the paint. Basically, anything that is crystal can give the paint more reflective quality, thus giving your house more insulation.

The major purpose of designing a heat reflective paint was to reflect as much sunlight as possible. This reflection allows less heat to be absorbed and these implications reduces the roof temperature and along with this reduces the temperature of the whole house.

The implications of using Heat Reflective house paint is many, it is like a chain of events that not only allows you to reduce the heat coming into your house but also due to less heat in coming in the consumption of power will also be lowered.

The air conditioner will use less electricity to cool down your house, thus you can save on electricity as well while using Heat Reflective house paint. One question must have crossed your mind, how can I apply Heat Reflective house paint myself.

Appling Heat Reflective house paint

Like we established before Heat Reflective house paint is not like your regular paint, you need to apply it differently, and the best way to apply Heat Reflective house paint is to call for the help of professionals. The pros know how to deal with this paint. Not only the job will be done quick but you will save your time.

In today’s world time is money. You can save your time and hard work by acquiring the help of professionals. There is a certain method of Appling this paint and by the time you will learn this method a professional would have completed the whole house.

You can save money by giving this job to a contractor. You may be confused on how could you possibly save money if you give this job to a contractor, and the answer is simple. Additional supplies. As you might know painting a house does not require a paint and a brush, there is so much more to it.

You will need proper supplies which include, brushes, rollers, buckets, ladders, papers, and much more, these things may look cheap but their cost adds up. And you will be spending more money as compared to giving the job to professionals. The experts you hire bring their own tools so you don’t have to buy any extra.

Heat Reflective House Paint

Application of Heat Reflective house paint

We will mention the steps it takes to apply heat reflective house paint. First you have to wash the surface to which you are painting, with water or bleach. You need to make sure that the surface you are about to paint on is 100% clean, once you clean the surface you can start stirring the paint.

And after that you can start painting the washed and cleaned surface. You can apply one coat with a brush or a roller, it totally depends on your which method you chose, just keep in mind that the coat needs be even.

After you finish the first coat you need to wait attest 3 to 4 hours before thinking of painting the second coat, if you do this to early the paint will not set, thus giving you a lumpy look that is far from appearing we recommend you wait at least a day before attempting a second coat.

After you have done the second coat then you need to make sure that for at least 2 hours the coated surface does not come in contact with water at all. If it does come in contact with water then the whole coat will be ruined.

Lastly you should allow the coat to be cured after completion of full coating. We recommend you painting with a roller because by using a roller you can apply easy coats that are not bulky. These coats are uniform and look very even when you done.

Benefits of Heat Reflective house paint

In the start we touched upon this briefly but now let us discuss with you in details the benefits of using Heat Reflective house paint.

When you apply heat reflective paint to you house, then this paints continually rejects the solar heat coming its way. Which results in reduction in roof head. The rays that strike this paint are reflected back in to the atmosphere.

In case of a false celling, Heat Reflective house paint eliminates the necessary of it. You can paint on any roofing material and sidewalls, you don’t need a specific material that allows these types of paints to be applied on them, you can paint on just about anything.

This paint is perfect for all environments because this paint is very eco-friendly and this paint can help reduce global warming as well as the emission of greenhouse gases.

Taking about a cool roof, do you know that these roofs are more susceptible to algae in the warm and moist locations? You can clean this paint with water because there are no solvents present in Heat Reflective paints.

There are no toxic substances present in the paint as well, making it perfectly safe for the environment and perfectly safe for you as well.


In this article we have discussed not only the benefits but the implications of Heat Reflective paint. When it comes to painting with such paints, we always recommend that you do not create painting your house a DIY project, instead call for the help of experts.

These paints require specific implications that an expert knows. Besides the work of an expert will be much more clean as compared to a DIY project finish.