Making the most of our home’s outdoor environment will be critical this spring as we stay at home due to COVID-19. We are all focusing more on how our homes and yards are serving our families than ever before. Juggling work and teaching our children while we’re home this month (and next?) leaves little time to tackle the big outdoor projects we want to do.

The New Role of Our Outdoor Home Environment
The exterior of our homes and our yards are playing a huge role in family living and activity right now and “outdoor living spaces” is taking on a whole new meaning. Play areas, patios, decks, and gardens are a safe outdoor environment for our families to move freely in and enjoy. Our outdoor living spaces are now classrooms, gyms, exercise areas, havens, and places to escape the house and gain stress relief from our day-to-day home activities.

Reinventing Our Outdoor Spaces
As we walk out on our decks and through our yards to assess the current situation, as we do after every winter, we’re envisioning how to better use those areas. We’re imagining new ways to repurpose worn out and unused areas of our yards. New or updated patios, refurbished decks, rethinking our gardens and shrubbery, adding hardscapes, water features, and adding new play areas are just some of the ways we are reinventing our outdoor spaces and giving them more function and aesthetic.

What is “Whole House Exterior Detailing?”
Tackling large outdoor projects like yard debris removal, house soft power washing, garden rejuvenation, and deck refurbishing can be time consuming and frankly daunting jobs homeowners don’t want to or cannot physically do themselves right now. Their schedules are too busy.

This is where “whole house detailing” can make a big impact. When a home’s exterior is fully detailed, the end result is a clean home exterior, gardens edged, weeded and mulched, decks cleaned and stained (or painted), yard debris removed, play areas defined, and a safe place for our family to play, exercise, and relax. The work is already done for the homeowner, so it frees the homeowner up to be able to focus on work, children and family at the time when they need it most. The benefit of taking a “whole house detailing” approach is that all the work is done in the proper sequence (before mulching and spring and summer plants coming to life) and within a short period of time, which is a huge time savings for the homeowner.

Selling Your Home and Whole House Exterior Detailing
Right now, if you’re interested in buying a home, you’re limited to driving around to see the exterior of the home and viewing the listing online. Personally viewing home interiors right now is restricted due to COVID-19. Prior to this crisis, there was a shortage of residential real estate inventory. Experts are predicting that when COVID-19 fades away this year, the pent-up demand for real estate will take off in a big way. Low interest rates, prime real estate season, and home buyer family demands will help to fuel the rush for real estate. It will be a buyer’s AND seller’s market then and demand for inventory will be extremely high.

Utilizing a “whole house exterior detailing” approach to selling real estate enables home sellers to capitalize on this situation, increase their home’s curb appeal, and gain top dollar for their home when it’s time to sell. Like home interior staging, “whole house detailing,” “stages” the exterior, speeding up the sales process and increasing the odds of getting a higher selling price.

Spring is the time to kick start exterior work on your home and yard so you have more time to enjoy those spaces. If you’re planning on making changes to your home exterior, consider getting an evaluation of your property to learn more about what’s possible.

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