Mulch comes in two forms, organic and synthetic. Most people prefer organic mulch. This type of mulch usually contains shredded hardwood, manure, compost blend, or grass clippings. Inorganic mulch, on the other hand, can be made from plastic or rubber. Both types of mulch are available at Home Depot.


While there are some large companies that sell Nutri-mulch, there are also local companies that sell the compost. In Utah, you can find Nutri-mulch in independent nurseries and Country Stores. This organic garden compost is made in Utah and is not mixed with dirt, straw, or peat moss. It is ready to use eight months after it arrives at a home.

While there are several different types of mulch available, the most popular is shredded hardwood bark mulch. It contains more nutrients for your plants and improves the soil in your garden. It’s manufactured by using hardwood tree logs that have gone through a debarking machine.

Other options include Sweet Peet mulch. This organic mulch has the same weed-preventing benefits as shredded wood mulch. In addition, it doesn’t attract bugs and does not decay. This mulch is great for vegetable and fruit gardens. It’s also more expensive, but it’s one investment for 12 years!

Before you start applying Nutri-mulch, you should remove any old mulch. This is to avoid damaging your plants by leaching nutrients from the soil. Once you’ve removed the old mulch, you’ll be ready to use the new one. Then, you can start planning your new garden.

Scotts Earthgro

Home Depot is having a sale on Scotts Earthgro mulch, which is available for $2.00 per cubic foot. The mulch can be used for landscaping, and is available in red, brown, and black. The sale starts on the second Thursday in April. To take advantage of this sale, buy at least 60 bags and get free pickup.

One bag contains two cubic feet of mulch, which is about 56.6 liters. It covers eight square feet when placed 3 inches deep. This is a great investment for large areas in need of mulch. Depending on the size and type of the area, one bag will cover a lot of area.

Another great benefit of mulch is its ability to retain moisture. It improves the health of the soil and can prevent weeds. Aside from improving the soil, mulch can also improve the appearance of your landscaping. Home Depot has a variety of mulches, including organic and synthetic.

Garden Logic

Garden Logic mulch is a fine choice for your landscaping needs. It is light and airy and will add a natural look to your yard. It is also a great choice for small spaces. It can be found at Home Depot for $3.47 per cubic foot.

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality mulch for your flower beds or for use on outdoor paths, Garden Logic mulch will make an excellent choice for your landscaping needs. The brand comes in three colors and is used for flowerbeds, gardens, and other parts of your property.

Gardener’s Pride

When it comes to mulch, there are two main types: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is made up of shredded hardwood, compost blend, or grass clippings, while inorganic mulch is made of plastic or rubber. Home Depot carries both types of mulch, so it is a good place to start if you’re looking for mulch for your landscaping project.

When buying mulch, it’s important to compare prices. Fortunately, the prices for both Gardener’s Pride and Garden Logic mulches are about the same. These brands have similar-looking packages and are both great for landscaping. If you’re looking to save some money, consider a sale that includes mulch.

Home Depot is a big-box store, but their garden centers are known for being generous with their discounts. Depending on your needs, you can save up to $2 per cubic yard on mulch. Mulch is an excellent way to improve soil moisture, keep plants healthy, and control weeds. Mulch is an excellent choice if you live in an area that experiences frequent drought. It helps keep the soil moist longer, which is beneficial for everyone.

Home Depot also sells pine bark mini nuggets, which are great for smaller areas. They are lighter and airy, but don’t do as good a job at controlling weeds. Pine bark is very attractive and is also reasonably priced at $3.47 per cubic foot. If you’re looking for a less expensive mulch, you can check out Garden Logic’s Hardwood mulch. It is similar to EarthGro or Vigoro, and is an excellent choice for landscaping.

Cypress mulch

Cypress mulch is a type of mulch that is made from the wood of a bald cypress tree. These trees can grow to be over 2000 years old and are highly adaptable to a variety of soil conditions. They are native to swamps in the Southeastern United States. Early settlers of these areas used cypress wood for a variety of uses. Loggers would mill the heartwood into lumber and use it for building materials.

Home Depot sells cypress mulch in a variety of colors, from brown to red. Typically, the mulch comes in 1.5 cubic-foot bags. Cypress mulch is a great choice for landscapes because it has the ability to absorb moisture and not float away during heavy rain. In addition to cypress, the company also sells the store brand Vigoro mulch in red, brown, and black colors. The different colors of mulch denote the type of wood that was used to make it. Mulch in a dark color is usually hardwood and is cheaper than mulch made from other materials.

If you’d like to use mulch in your landscaping, you can choose from two types: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is a mixture of shredded hardwood, grass clippings, or manure. Inorganic mulches, on the other hand, are made of rubber or plastic. In Home Depot, you can find both types, including heavy-duty mulch.

Another popular option for mulching gardens is wood chips. These chips come from many types of trees, and they are a great option because they are naturally resistant to compaction. They also hold water and improve the appearance of the soil. They are also available at Home Depot for a couple of dollars a bag.